How do I get an Emirates ID and what is it?

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What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a local identity card, abbreviated as EID. Issued by the UAE government. It is a plastic card with a photo, has a unique identification number and a chip that stores the owner’s personal data. All residents and citizens of the UAE must have an Emirates ID, always carry it with them and present it at the first request of government employees. According to the law, the withdrawal of the EID from the owner is prohibited.

Emirates ID holders get the opportunity to:

  • Open a local bank account, get a checkbook and a credit card;
  • Rent a house for a long time is much lower;
  • Receive public services;
  • Issue a SIM card of a local telecom operator and connect the Internet;
  • Register a car;
  • Participate in the elections to the Federal National Council;
  • Visa-free visit to the Persian Gulf countries;
  • Apply for a visa to travel to the countries of Europe, Asia, the USA and others;
  • For expedited immigration through smart gates and eGates at UAE airports.

How do I get an Emirates ID?

To obtain an Emirates ID, you need to apply for a resident visa, this requires a reason. What are the grounds for obtaining a visa, we will analyze in the next article.

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