Affiliate Program

Earn $3,000 a month or more from referrals
Refer potential clients for legal services in Dubai, UAE
and create an additional source of income

We invite partners from any countries to cooperate

Suitable for whom

affiliate program

Companies and entrepreneurs

Increase the average customer’s check, increase the level of loyalty and extract more profit


Freelancer and self-employed

Expand the list of services for your customers and start earning more


Individuals and bloggers

Share recommendations with your friends or subscribers and get additional income

Increase your profit tomorrow

Connecting a new partner in 1 day
Find out how much you will earn with us

Stages of working with partners

We take care of the whole process
Stage 11
Stage 1

You transfer the client's contacts to our specialist

A personal manager will be assigned to you

Stage 22
Stage 2

Our specialist contacts the client

We undertake all stages of the sale of services

Stage 33
Stage 3

We sign a contract with the client

Payment under the contract is made to our current account

Stage 44
Stage 4

We perform the services described in the contract

Our company has its own execution and customer support departments

Stage 55
Stage 5

We pay your commission from the services rendered

The commission is paid in stages. On the next working day after the performance of the paid service

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why is it worth cooperating with your company?
A few highlights can be emphasized:

  • Our company employs specialists with 7-10 years of experience in Emirates law. This guarantees a high level of competence and a high percentage of closing deals.
  • Transparent system of commissions for each service and control over the status of the transaction with the client.
  • Support of the partner at all stages of work with the client.
  • Opportunity for free training on the company's services and the intricacies of UAE legislation.
What services do you offer?
Our company provides the following types of services:

  • Registration of companies in the UAE;
  • Assistance with relocation to the UAE;
  • Renewal of the company's license;
  • Opening bank accounts in the UAE;
  • Assistance in obtaining a resident visa and obtaining an Emirates ID;
  • Legal and accounting support for business in the UAE;
  • Marketing services for business.
How is the commission paid?
  • The commission is paid by transfer to your account or in cash at the Dubai office.
  • Payment of commission on the day after the service is rendered.
  • The commission is pegged to the dollar, which guarantees stability when the ruble or other currency changes.
How and where to look for customers?
  • We provide detailed and easy to understand algorithms for finding clients.
  • Provide training on the company's services.
  • We give sales scripts and customer service instructions.
Become a partner of a law firm and start earning additional income