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We provide a full list of legal and consulting services for any business sector in the UAE
Legal support of business
Registration of companies in the UAE and opening of corporate accounts
Assistance in the UAE labor legislation
Legal services for business
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Legal services
Legal services
  • Professional selection of a business license.
  • Drafting and amending the memorandum.
  • Drafting and certification of a power of attorney in court.
  • Individual consultation with a lawyer.
  • Making changes to the license.
  • Replacement of the founder in the company.
  • Selection of premises and registration of the Ejari contract.
Legal support
Legal support
  • Interaction with government agencies.
  • Opening and liquidation of companies.
  • Assistance with obtaining external approval in various instances.
  • Legal elaboration of requirements for different types of business.
  • Legal support of business.
Employee formalization
Employee formalization
  • Assistance in registration of hired employees.
  • Registration of a work visa and Emirates ID for employees.
  • Registration with the Ministry of Labor (MOHRE).
  • Drafting an employment contract.
  • Registration of an entry invitation for an employee.
  • Organization of medical examinations and biometrics.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Are you engaged in full legal support of a business?
Yes. You can outsource your legal department to us.
Do you provide assistance in the registration of employees in the state?
Yes. We provide a completely turnkey employee registration service.
Do you register companies in the UAE?
Yes. We register companies in the UAE, open bank accounts and provide comprehensive consulting support in these matters.
Do you help interact with government agencies?
Yes. Our specialists help to interact with any government agencies and get approvals in various instances.
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