Company registration in Dubai, UAE

We will help you register a company in Dubai, UAE
we will select a suitable license and provide
legal support at all stages.
Passing of all
company registration procedures
Selection of
for the company
Selection of a suitable
economic zone for
opening a company
Escort in
bank account

There are 2 main jurisdictions
in the UAE for company registration

The choice of a specific economic zone and the type of license will depend on the cost of opening,
opportunities, requirements and convenience of the company. We know all the intricacies
of each type of license and will help you choose the optimal zone for your needs and goals.

The main advantages of registering a company in a Free Zone (free economic zone):

  1. 100% ownership of the company for a foreign investor
  2. It is possible to combine licenses from different activist groups and engage in different lines of business
  3. 0% tax for certain types of business
  4. Developed infrastructure within the freezone and simplified interaction with government agencies

The main advantages of registering a company in Mainland:

  1. 100% ownership of the company for a foreign investor
  2. You can combine up to 7 types of licenses from one activity group and engage in different business lines
  3. Opportunity to open any line of business
  4. Direct interaction with state authorities without intermediaries

Registering a company in Dubai opens up unique opportunities for your business

There is no tax in the UAE on:
• wages;
• income of individuals;
• capital gains;
• any property.
100% withdrawal of capital and profit. As well as the exemption of business from taxation and a simplified reporting procedure.
Work with contractors in the UAE and around the world without any restrictions.
More than 2500 types of economic activity licenses are available for company registration.
Anonymity for your business. There is no unified, public register of legal entities. Information about the company's founders and turnover is not available.
A new status for your business. Increase of trust on the part of customers and partners of the company.
Easy access to the international market, convenient logistics with any country in the world and access to huge foreign capital.
For certain types of business, there is no need to conduct an audit, keep accounting records and rent an office.

Don't know what kind of business to start?

Download the full list of economic activities available in
the territory of the United Arab Emirates and choose the one that best suits your professional knowledge and skills.

Consultation with a specialist on company registration in Dubai, UAE

Zoom-meeting, after which everything becomes simple and clear.
In 40 minutes of a Zoom meeting you will understand:
  • How to open your company in Dubai, UAE (what are the subtleties and nuances).
  • Legally obtaining a resident visa, Emirates ID
  • Which type of license to choose based on the specifics of your business
  • Pros, cons and opportunities of each economic zone
  • How exactly the registration process will take place. What we will do and how long it will take for the whole procedure
  • How much does it cost to register a company

The procedure of company registration
without your participation

It is possible to start the registration process in a remote format.
Your presence will be required only at the final stages when obtaining a resident visa and Emirates ID.
We sign the contract
We sign the contract
We work only by contract. In the contract we prescribe guarantees of a fixed price and terms of implementation.
We submit documents
We submit documents
After signing the contract and making an advance payment, we will prepare and submit all the documents for the registration of the company.
Getting a license
Getting a license
We carefully select a license for your business. The average company registration time is 5-7 business days.

We help in opening a corporate
bank account

Bank selection
Bank selection
We will help you choose the right bank to open a company account
Preparation of documents
Preparation of documents
Let's consult, what package of documents is necessary. Help prepare paperwork
Submission of documents
Submission of documents
We will assist in filing documents for opening an account with the selected bank
Negotiations with a bank representative
Negotiations with a bank representative
We will negotiate with a representative of the bank and agree on the acceptance of your documents
Communication with the head of the bank
Communication with the head of the bank
We coordinate the process of opening an account together with the head of the bank
Consulting support
Consulting support
We will tell you all the details of opening a corporate account in the banks of the UAE


You become the owner of a registered company
in the Free Zone or Mainland with 100% ownership.
Get a resident visa, Emirates ID and start doing international business without restrictions.

Answers to frequently asked questions

At what stage of company registration will the owner's personal presence be required?
Company registration takes place remotely. Personal presence is required when passing a medical test and biometrics for obtaining a visa and Emirates ID. You will also need to personally sign the documents when opening a bank account.
How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai, UAE?
The cost of opening a company depends on: • Type of license and type of activity of the company;
• Number of founders;
• The number of required visa quotas;
• The need to rent an office (for some types of activities it is possible to arrange a virtual office);
• The need to open a corporate bank account for the company. The exact cost of registering a company will be clear after consultation and preparation of an individual commercial offer.
Will I be able to get an EMIRATES ID after registering a company?
Yes. Obtaining a resident visa and Emirates ID through the opening of a company is one of the most popular and effective ways to legalize your presence in the United Arab Emirates.
What are the mandatory payments for the company during its activities in the UAE?
Mandatory payments include:
• Annual payment for license renewal;
• Office rent (if necessary);
• Salaries of employees;
• Accounting and legal support (if necessary);
• Marketing services;
• Taxes (depending on the economic zone and are paid upon reaching a certain profit);
• Other expenses to support the company's operations.
Is it possible for a foreign citizen to open a corporate bank account in the UAE for a company?
Yes, it is possible. To do this, it is necessary to provide a certain package of documents to the bank, competently negotiate with representatives and wait for the bank's decision. Our team of specialists knows which banks in the UAE are faster, easier and more profitable to open accounts. By opening an account through us, you have minimal risks of getting rejected.

Find out how to register a company in Dubai and launch your business in the UAE