Franchise of a law firm

Start an international business WITHOUT INVESTMENT

Earn from $5,000 net profit per month
on company registration in Dubai and relocation to UAE

Partners from any countries are welcome to cooperate

The franchise includes

support at all stages and training

Training materials and instructions

Provide all materials necessary for successful client counseling.


Mentoring and support

You will be assigned a specialist who is always ready to help and answer any questions.


Individualized training

We hold regular online training conferences. The training is conducted by lawyers and the company’s management team.


Legal support

The lawyers of our company are always ready to join negotiations, help to do the legal work and answer any questions.


Utilization of our resources

Once the contract is signed, the client is handed over to our support and fulfillment department.

You do NOT need to handle the provision of services yourself.


Ability to work completely remotely

No need to rent an office. 90% of consultations take place via video conference. If necessary, the client can be invited to our office in Dubai. The meeting will be conducted by our lawyer.

Working with us as a team

your profit will be at least 2 times higher
Find out how much you will earn per transaction

Quick start of your business

Connecting a new partner one day after training

2 Days: 8 hoursTraining on the company's services

  • The intricacies of doing business in the UAE
  • Peculiarities of business relocation in the UAE
  • Advantages of opening a company in Dubai
  • Company registration process in Dubai (Free Zone and Mainland)
  • Methods of legalization and obtaining resident status
  • What visas are available and what is the process of registration
  • Freelance Work Permit
  • A breakdown of all company services
  • Practical session

2 Days: 8 hoursTraining in legal subtleties

  • Economic Zones. Features, differences and advantages
  • Types of licenses for economic activities
  • Rules for selecting a license and an economic zone
  • Legal subtleties for different types of business (case studies)
  • Taxes in the UAE and tax optimization
  • Organizational and legal forms of companies
  • External approvals in government agencies for different types of business
  • Subtleties of opening bank accounts
  • Practical training

3 Days: 9 hoursService Sales Training

  • Initial consultation and client qualification
  • Customer acquisition channels and sales scripts
  • Conducting an effective online conference
  • Closing the deal and bringing the client to payment
  • Working with objections
  • Peculiarities of selling in correspondence
  • Rules of making an effective commercial offer
  • Rules of selling each service of the company
  • Training in CRM system
  • Practical lesson

Cost of professional training and education $ 1,000. Duration 25 hours, payback one transaction.

Stages of working with the client

We undertake the entire process of providing the service
Stage 11
Stage 1

You find a client and conduct a counseling session

We will provide you with training. We will provide you with materials and a detailed plan for the initial client consultation

Stage 22
Stage 2

Our specialist joins the negotiations

If necessary, our experts are available to help conduct complex negotiations and help answer questions

Stage 33
Stage 3

Signing a contract with the client

You hand over the client ready to sign the contract. Payment under the contract is made to our settlement account

Stage 44
Stage 4

We perform the services described in the contract

We take care of the whole process of service provision. Our company has its own fulfillment and customer support departments

Stage 55
Stage 5

We pay you a percentage of the profits from the services rendered

The commission is paid in stages. On the next working day after performance of the paid service

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why join your franchise?
Top 10 reasons to work with us as a team:

  • Our company has a very high level of expertise. The staff includes specialists with 7 - 10 years of experience in Emirates law.
  • It is possible to start a business WITHOUT investment.
  • We will help you reach profitability from the second month of operation.
  • You will be able to utilize the resources of our company.
  • Provide training on the company's legal issues and services.
  • We provide detailed algorithms for finding and attracting customers.
  • We provide sales training and detailed scripts for working with the client on different services.
  • Provide three days of training and training materials.
  • We hold regular conferences with our partners/franchisees. At the conferences we discuss the latest changes in legislation, interesting cases and share our experience.
  • You will be assigned an experienced technician who is ready to help you with any work-related issues.

Our company provides a full cycle of work with the client. We have the following departments organized:

  • Sales department | Legal department | Customer support department | Service fulfillment department | Accounting department | Partner/franchisee relations department.
What do you need to get started?
  • Take the FREE basic training. Duration 3 hours.
  • Explore the company's services in detail.
  • Availability of a laptop and smartphone with stable internet.
What services do you offer?
Our company provides the following types of services:

  • Registration of companies in the UAE;
  • Assistance with relocation to the UAE;
  • Renewal of the company's license;
  • Opening bank accounts in the UAE;
  • Assistance in applying for a resident visa and obtaining an Emirates ID;
  • Legal and accounting support for business in UAE;
  • Marketing Services for Businesses.
Do you have a lump sum and royalties?
  • No. You can join our franchise without a lump sum.
  • There are no monthly fees either.
  • The cost of our services is built into our prices. You receive a percentage of the net profit.
Where and how do you look for customers?
  • Provide clear and detailed algorithms for finding clients.
  • We will provide training on the company's services.
  • Give sales scripts and customer service instructions.
How is interest paid on the transaction?
  • Honest and transparent terms and conditions. You will have a price list for our services with commissions.
  • Interest is paid by transfer to your account or in cash at the Dubai office.
  • Payment of interest on the day after the service is rendered.
  • Our prices are pegged to the dollar, which guarantees stability when the ruble or other currency changes.
Can I contract with a customer from my own company and accept payment on my company's account?
    Yes. In this case, the algorithm would be as follows:

  • We will quote you the cost of the job upon your client's request.
  • You enter into a contract with the customer on behalf of your company and accept payment into your company's account.
  • You enter into a separate contract with our company to provide a one-time service for your client. The cost of services cannot be lower than our base prices.
  • You are making a payment for your client.
  • We provide the agreed services.
  • All communication from the support and fulfillment department happens with you.
  • Paying you your interest.

In this case, you can sell the company's services above our base prices. Anything you put on top of our price will be all yours.
Start your law firm franchise business with no investment and start earning from the second month