How to get a digital nomad visa in Dubai, UAE

How to get a digital nomad visa - Makebiz

In most countries, a new type of skilled workers is gaining popularity, who prefer a freer life without a clear schedule or being tied to a specific place of work. That’s why the UAE introduced a new type of visa for digital nomads not too long ago.

Digital Nomad Visa or DNV is a type of work visa for remote workers that requires annual renewal. It can also be obtained by business owners to be able to manage the company and staff located in other countries.

Highlight the specifics:

— an application with a list of required documents can be submitted remotely;

— visa holder can become a sponsor for his family, use the services of banks, medical care, rent real estate and even teach children in the local school;

— the visa allows you to work remotely for an employer not based in the UAE.

It is worth bearing in mind that you need to have a certain level of monthly income to obtain a DNV. You can find out more about this and other requirements during a free consultation with our specialist.

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