Useful apps and websites for real estate transactions

Useful apps and websites for real estate transactions – Makebiz

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency together with the Dubai Land Department have launched various online marketplaces to optimize the interaction between parties when renting or buying real estate. The websites and apps created will be useful for developers, investors, brokers, tenants and landlords. 

The Smart Pay application has significantly simplified the payment process and transaction security, thanks to the ability to pay for real estate services in several ways: e-wallet, cards or transfer. The functionality saves payment history and card details, eliminating the need to visit the bank. 

Dubai Brokers will be useful for real estate agencies and investors, thanks to the collected information about the current brokers, their license, employment in certain projects and performance.

Investment Map is a real estate information platform that allows you to learn about a property for sale or rent and communicate directly with brokers or owners. On this platform, you can even execute sale and purchase transactions using a secure payment service. 

Smart Judge is an online legal platform that allows interested parties to learn more about rights and obligations, drafting lawsuits for court proceedings and even get free legal advice.

Dubai REST is an application from Dubai Land Department with available information about developers and brokers, real estate market, current construction projects. There is also useful functionality for landlords and tenants, where you can register, renew and terminate a lease.

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