How to rent an apartment in Dubai

How to rent an apartment in Dubai UAE Makebiz

It is more convenient and safer to look for an apartment in Dubai through a real estate broker. When choosing an agent, make sure that he and the organization itself are registered with RERA. When you meet the agent, ask to see his credentials to prove that he is registered with RERA.

It is important to know that landlords can give you a discount if you pay the cost of accommodation for more than a year in advance by two to four checks. Be sure to ask the landlord about the length of the agreement, the type of agreement, the amount of the deposit and the total amount of the housing fee.

Standard documents that will be helpful for renting an apartment:

  •  A copy and original passport;
  •  emirates ID;
  •  checkbook.

The first stage of renting an apartment is to sign a contract. Most often, long-term rental agreements prescribe the rights and obligations of the parties, the possibility of early eviction and change of rent.

In most cases, the agreement states that the landlord is responsible for housing maintenance and major repairs, and the tenant pays all current expenses (utilities, internet, etc.) and the «housing fee» (5% of the annual rent). This is charged in equal installments with the rent.

In case of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, either party can file a complaint with the DLD.

Note the specifics of the contract:

1. Make sure the check is properly dated and take photos as proof. Write it out in the owner’s name, not the agent’s.

2. Ask for a grace period of one week, when you have the right to ask for any unnoticed defects in the apartment to be repaired at the owner’s expense before moving in.

3. Make sure that there are no debts on the existing property (usually there is a clause in the contract to guarantee that there are no outstanding payments).

4. Keep all payment receipts.

5. Carefully review the rules for using your checkbook! Refusing to issue checks in the UAE, filling out a check incorrectly, or not having enough money in your account on the date of payment can lead to fines and serious legal problems.

6. If the parties wish to change the current terms, one of them needs to notify the other at least 90 days prior to the expiration of the contract, unless otherwise stated there.

The second step is to register the lease with Ejari, which can be done by the landlord or yourself.

Among the documents worth preparing:

  • original lease agreement;
  • certificate of ownership of the apartment/house;
  • copies of the passports of the parties;
  • a copy of the tenant’s ID.

The third stage is the application for electricity and water connection (DEWA). If you apply online, you will need to fill in a form with your Ejari number, passport details and Emirates ID. Connection of services will take place after payment of refundable deposit within 24 hours.

The fourth step is to obtain a pre-entry permit. Information on its necessity can be obtained from the agent.

The application will require:

  • copy of the passport / Emirates ID;
  • Certificate of Completion of Payment;
  • a copy of the rental agreement;
  • a copy of the most recent service charge receipt (from the landlord).
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