Ejari Contract in Dubai

Ejari Contract in Dubai – Makebiz

The process of renting an apartment in Dubai involves several steps, one of which is the formalization of the rental agreement through the Ejari electronic registration system. This step helps to ensure transparency of the parties’ agreements and quick resolution of any disputes that may arise. 

Keep in mind: if the lease has not been registered in Ejari, in case of disputes with the landlord or tenant, the application filed with the court will be automatically rejected. 

The registration system has been created by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), as has the lease agreement template, so that the information is set out in an approved structured form. 

After the registration of the contract, you will be issued a certificate and assigned a unique number, which is then used for the connection of utilities. The registration tax is paid by the tenant, and either party can register the contract in the Ejari system.

For registration you will need: 

  • original and a copy of the rental agreement;
  • a receipt for payment of the deposit, connection of utilities;
  • copies of passports, visas and identity cards of the parties.

Cancellation of Ejari is done when the current tenant moves out, for which the landlord must apply to the service center with a copy of the contract and a cancellation application.

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