UID number in UAE

UID number in UAE – Makebiz

Unified Identification Number is a unique identification number, which is automatically assigned to each person when entering the UAE and consists of 9-15 digits. Often many people do not pay attention to it and do not even know about its meaning, so it is worth to understand in detail and learn more about the features of a personal number for a tourist or resident.

UID number is used for identification of a person and without it it is impossible to get various services, certificates (often it is necessary to get a certificate of absence of criminal record), to open a company and others. With the help of this number it is convenient to pass quick registration in some local applications.

The number is not specifically announced anywhere, it can be found out in person at the police or immigration authorities. This information is also on your ID-card or on the entry stamp placed in your passport during customs control.

Interestingly, each digit in your UID number has a specific meaning. For example, the first three digits are the region where you received your resident visa (101 — Abu Dhabi, 201 — Dubai, 301 — in Sharjah, 401 — in Ajman, etc.), the next — the year of its receipt, and then follows the number of your resident visa.

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