TRN certificate in Dubai, UAE and how to get it

TRN in the UAE and how to obtain it – Makebiz

Tax Registration Number (TRN) is a tax registration number issued to every business whose owner has registered as a VAT (Value Added Tax) payer. This allows regulators to identify taxpayers and obtain information about their transactions.

The UAE laws require all companies whose annual turnover of goods or services exceeds the amount of 375 thousand AED to register. For this purpose it is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit an application to the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

A unique TRN code is generated individually for each business. The 15-digit identifier confirms the legitimacy of the firm’s existence. Having it, the company is entitled to apply for various tax certificates and a number of benefits guaranteed by the state.

The registration number will be useful when filling out tax invoices, as well as at the request of clients who want to check the legality of the services provided by the company.

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