What is a Salary Certificate in Dubai, UAE and what is it for

What is a Salary Certificate in Dubai, UAE and what is it for– Makebiz

A Salary Certificate is a document that contains basic information about a person as an employee of a company. Usually it contains the following information: place of employment, position and the date on which the person entered it, the amount of salary, benefits, tax deductions and others. The document is certified by the signature of the head of the company and a seal.

Situations when the certificate can be useful: 

1. The need to confirm the fact of work at the company. For example, if an employee has a second job outside the UAE.

2. Opening a salary account in a bank.

3. When applying for a loan. In this way, the bank certifies the solvency of the applicant and sets the loan amount and repayment terms.

4. Enrollment in a driving school, taking advantage of the benefit. Training centers go towards those who earn little but would like to get a driver’s license. By presenting a certificate with the entered salary level, such clients can get a good discount.

5. Registration of a sponsor visa for family members. A certain amount of salary is also required here, which guarantees an acceptable standard of living for each family member. 

To obtain a Salary Certificate, you need to apply to the head of the company. Deadline for obtaining it: 3-5 working days.

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