What is a NOC document in Dubai, UAE and when is it needed

What is a NOC document in Dubai and when is it needed - Makebiz

No Objection Certificate or NOC is a special legal document. It can be issued by any agency, company, or organization or institution. In some cases, even an individual. The purpose is to declare that there are no objections from the issuer regarding the procedure or activity that the person is going to perform. As a rule, the NOC is addressed to various departments of the UAE. Moreover, the content will depend on the reason for which it is drawn up.

The classic structure of the document is:

  • the contact details of the issuer and its address;
  • the full names of all those who have signed the authorization;
  • information required by the person requesting the NOC (the content depends on the purpose);
  • date of drafting.

Among the main procedures when a certificate may be required are:

  • opening a bank account or internet account;
  • obtaining a driver’s license;
  • buying a car or real estate;
  • any actions related to business: updating/adding an activity, adding a partner, opening a branch, etc.;
  • change of employment from a private company to another;
  • lifting a labor ban and others.

One of the varieties of such documents is the No Objection Letter, which is a written agreement by the father that he is not against sponsorship of children by his wife if he is not a UAE resident himself.

For example, in real estate transactions, in response to the seller’s application, the developer must write a letter on the official letterhead of the company, which must contain information about the absence of any kind of debts for utilities and all other types of services. A separate letter is written in which the issuer (in this case, the developer) confirms its consent to the sale of the object. You can make a request in person or via the Internet. And the document is valid both in paper and electronic form.

In registration of residency NOC will be required only if the applicant at the same time buys the property in the mortgage. The seller must issue a certificate of no objection to residency, and provide a bank statement of deposit in his name. The paperwork is processed through the bank after the down payment is made.

To lift the employment ban, it is necessary to obtain a NOC from the current employer stating that there is no objection by transferring the sponsorship to another employer. And this can be done after the completion of the employment contract or some time before it ends.

To obtain a driver’s license or open an account, a certificate must be provided from a sponsor or employer. For most business-related processes — from the relevant government agencies. As you know, the waiting time for a certificate can be up to 1 month.

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