Types of visas for living in Dubai, UAE

Types of visas for living in Dubai, UAE – Makebiz

There are 7 main types of visas in the UAE, depending on the grounds for obtaining them.

Tourist visa is one of the most popular types of legalization, which is suitable for those who came for a short vacation or to see the country. This entry permit can be obtained for 30-90 days, depending on citizenship, with the possibility of extension.

A work visa is issued to foreigners for 1 or 2 years who have taken a job in a private or public firm in the UAE.

The Remote Employee Visa can be obtained by a foreign national who works remotely outside the UAE and has a certain salary level. It is issued for one year and allows you to reside in the UAE and enjoy the available benefits of residency. For example: use the services of banks, medical services, rent real estate and even teach children in the local school, etc.

Retiree visa is a way of legalization for a period of 5 years, suitable for residents over 55 years of age if a number of requirements of the program are met.

Student visa is worth considering for people studying in any educational institution. It can be obtained from the age of 18 and can be renewed as long as you are a student.

A resident who has obtained a visa for themselves is eligible to sponsor family members and support staff at home. The validity of the sponsorship visa is from 1 year.

Investor visa can be obtained for two years or 10 years when purchasing real estate of a certain amount.

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