Gold visa requirements for Dubai, UAE for salaries of AED 30,000 or more

Gold visa in Dubai for salaries of AED 30000 or more - Makebiz

The UAE authorities can grant a 10-year gold visa on the basis of employment to individuals whose salary exceeds AED 30,000. Apart from this condition, several other points must be fulfilled.

Let’s list all the grounds:

1 . Employment under a valid work contract in the country.

2.  Qualification of the first or second professional level according to the professional classification approved by the MHRA.

3 . Minimum education requirements: Bachelor’s degree.

4. Monthly salary must be at least AED 30,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.

5. Meet the list of occupations approved for the Golden Visa.

6. Have comprehensive health insurance for yourself and your family members at the time of applying for a Gold Visa or as required by the competent local authority.

To apply for a golden resident visa in Dubai, UAE it is worthwhile to contact a professional. Makebiz specialists will help you to prepare a full package of necessary documents and issue a visa.

Among the main advantages of the golden visa is the right to stay outside the UAE for any period of time without annulment, the ability to sponsor relatives of any age and domestic helpers.

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