How to choose a bank in Dubai, UAE

How to choose a bank in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

When choosing a bank, you should not focus only on its popularity, brand or financial indicators. Pay attention to:

  • terms of service;
  • the required package of documents for opening an account. The requirements may vary greatly from bank to bank;
  • fees for various operations and withdrawal conditions;
  • the need for a non-decreasing account balance;
  • possibility of opening multi-currency accounts;
  • credit conditions;
  • the possibility of receiving interest on the account balance;
  • is there a brokerage service and direct access to the stock exchange;
  • what are the conditions for closing an account;
  • what penalties are provided for violations of the terms of use of the account;
  • ease of use of online banking and mobile application;
  • speed of processing requests and operations;
  • with which banks and countries financial cooperation is possible.

Each bank has its own rules and regulations, at the time of opening an account, it is important to understand whether you will be able to receive or send money to the necessary financial institution or jurisdiction.

The specialists of our company know all the subtleties of banking services in the UAE and will help you choose a bank and open an account for your specific values and tasks.

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