Types of companies in Dubai, UAE

Types of companies in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

What are the types of companies in Dubai, UAE?

There are several types of organizational and legal forms of companies in the UAE.

Let’s analyze the most popular options:

  • Open and closed joint-stock companies;
  • Full and limited partnerships;
  • Professional;
  • Limited liability companies.

Two types of companies are most in demand for registration in Mainland (main land):

L.L.C. (Limited Liability Company).

This type of company can be compared with an LLC in Russia. Suitable for doing business on any scale.

  • 100% ownership of the company for a foreign investor;
  • Such a company can have up to 50 founders and any type of licenses. The founders are responsible within the framework of the authorized capital.
  • There are no restrictions, you can work with any contractors in the UAE and beyond;
  • Open corporate accounts in banks of any country;
  • Rent an office in a convenient location on the territory of Mainland.

Sole Establishment (sole ownership).

This type of company is often compared with an individual entrepreneur in Russia, which is not entirely correct, since Sole Establishment is a full-fledged legal entity. Great for conducting professional activities.

  • The cost of registration is significantly lower than L.L.C;
  • 100% ownership of companies for a foreign investor;
  • Such a company can have only one founder and the following activities are available: marketing, advertising, consulting, event, education, private training, some services of the beauty industry, private legal practice, accounting services, IT development and others;
  • The founder is responsible with all his property;
  • For some types of activities, this type of company is allowed to be registered without an office.

For registration in the Free Zone, the most popular Free Zone Companies.

Companies in the free economic zone are great for working outside the UAE. Depending on the Free Zone, the cost of registration may vary significantly.

  • 100% ownership of companies for a foreign investor.
  • Any types of licenses established by a specific economic zone;
  • Office rental is available only in the Free Zone;
  • There are restrictions for direct work with Mainland;
  • The founders are responsible within the framework of the authorized capital.

There are more than 40 different economic zones and thousands of types of licenses in the UAE. Each has its own laws and rules. When opening a company, it is very important to choose the right area and type of company, otherwise there may be serious difficulties in further work and opening a corporate bank account.

Our specialists know the subtleties and nuances of all types of companies and economic zones. When opening a company, we rely on the individual characteristics of each business, the requirements for its activities, select the appropriate license and a suitable economic zone. . For aspiring entrepreneurs, we have prepared a list of the best business ideas in Dubai. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to open a company in Dubai, UAE.

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