TOP 20 business Ideas in Dubai, UAE

TOP 20 Business ideas in Dubai - Makebiz

In this article we will try to answer the question: «What kind of business to open in Dubai?». Based on many years of experience in the UAE, we have selected the best ideas.

Why should I open a business in Dubai?

Dubai is among the top ten and most visited cities in the world. The city attracts wealthy people from all over the world with a high standard of living, beautiful beaches with blue flags, a variety of entertainment and a luxurious life.

According to data from Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, more than 14.5 million people visited the city in 2022. This allowed us to take the honorable 7th place in the world in terms of tourist flow.

In Dubai, there are no usual taxes on:

  • salary;
  • income of individuals;
  • capital gains and any property.

What makes the city extremely attractive for doing and starting a business.

The UAE also offers high anonymity, due to the lack of a public register of the company’s founders, 100% withdrawal of capital and profit is available, it is possible to work with counterparties from any country in the world. There are no taxes for companies opened in free economic zones if certain conditions are met.

The best business ideas in Dubai, UAE.

1. Real estate agency. There is just a huge amount of construction in Dubai. And the cost of apartments is constantly growing, which attracts investors from all over the world.

2. Car rental. The UAE is famous for luxury cars. Everyone dreams of driving around a fabulous city in a Lamborghini or standing out and renting a retro car.

3. Online trading on marketplaces. The E-commerce market is growing rapidly. There are more than 20 sites in Dubai for the sale of various goods. Among the largest and most popular in the UAE, Noon and Amazon can be singled out, if you want to launch an e-commerce business, you should start with them.

4. Beauty salon. Dubai is home to many wealthy people, which creates demand for the beauty industry. Agree, it is difficult to imagine untidy guests in an expensive restaurant or at a party in a club.

5. Cafe or restaurant. Agriculture is poorly developed in the UAE, and the arid climate makes it almost impossible to grow our usual fruits and vegetables. Therefore, food is transported from all over the world and they are quite expensive. Often, going to a cafe or restaurant is not much more expensive than buying food in a hypermarket. Accordingly, most residents of the country prefer to eat in cafes or restaurants, or order ready-made food home. And tourists, in most cases, do not have a full kitchen in hotels, which forces them to visit various cafes.

6. Travel company. Every year, the tourist flow to Dubai is growing, which will provide this type of business with a constant influx of customers. Most of the world’s population lives in a 6-hour flight.

7. Logistics and wholesale trading company. There are 15 international ports in the UAE, and the favorable geographical location makes the country an indispensable transport hub for many countries of the world. Cargo traffic increases every year, respectively, the demand for the services of wholesale and logistics companies remains at a high level.

8. IT company. A feature of this type of business is the ability to engage in IT development and provide remote services to customers from any country in the world, which allows you to register a business in the Free Zone and use the zero tax rate provided for such companies.

9. Car service. Due to the hot climate, the huge number of cars in operation and the abundance of offers with favorable prices for buying and renting cars, car service will always be in demand.

10. Car wash. In the UAE, there are fines for a dirty car in the amount of up to 5000 dirhams, and washing a car on the beach or in a public place is prohibited. Such features of the legislation are in the hands of car wash owners and allow them to maintain a stable demand for this service.

11. Recruitment agency. The United Arab Emirates is a magnet for professionals from all over the world and those who want to move to one of the safest and fastest growing countries in the world. Hundreds of new companies open in the UAE every month and tens of thousands of job seekers come, which means there will always be a demand for the services of a recruitment agency.

12. Marketing agency. Due to the high demand from entrepreneurs to open a business in Dubai, the marketing agency will feel comfortable. Everyone has long known that a business without advertising has a low chance of survival.

13. Repair of retail and commercial premises. Repair services are relevant in almost any country. As we wrote earlier, there is a huge amount of construction and business opening in Dubai. Each company needs to equip an office, warehouse, or retail space for itself.

14. Production of shopping islands and storefronts. One of the main attractions in Dubai is shopping. The number of shopping centers is impressive. New stores are constantly opening, companies are rebranding or opening new outlets. Every store needs storefronts and trading equipment, and there are not so many high-quality offers in this service.

15. Accounting services. Due to the large number of open companies and the constant influx of new entrepreneurs, the demand for accountant services remains at a high level.

16. Insurance broker. Automobile and medical insurance are mandatory in Dubai, which means a high and stable demand for these services.

17. Translation and Document Legalization Bureau. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world try to move to Dubai every year. Everyone has their own goals and objectives. Most of them need to legalize documents for various purposes.

18. Cleaning company. Dubai is a city of high rhythm of life. Most residents do not have enough time to do cleaning. In addition to residential premises, there are a huge number of commercial areas that require daily cleaning.

19. Jewelry store. Dubai has one of the largest diamond exchanges in the world and a huge gold market. The demand for jewelry has always been at a high level in the UAE. People are willing to spend fabulous money to pamper themselves or their loved ones with new jewelry.

20. Foreign language school and private tutoring. Dubai is a multinational city. It highly appreciates employees who are fluent in several languages. To apply for a high-paying job, it is necessary to speak foreign languages and speak fluently.

What kind of business to open in Dubai?

It is best to focus on an already formed niche with a steady demand, where you are a professional. Our experts will help you find the right type of license for your business and tell you about the intricacies of the UAE legislation. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to start a business in Dubai.

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