How to open a real estate agency in Dubai, UAE

How to open a real estate agency in Dubai - Makebiz

The real estate market in Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds every year. In addition to an active flow of tourists, the city attracts more and more wealthy expats and investors from all over the world, thanks to the developed infrastructure, improvement of innovative technologies and stable business environment.

According to expert forecasts, in 2024, Dubai’s real estate market will become a global growth center with a record 5% growth rate. It is also worth bearing in mind that according to the plans of the government by 2040 the population of the emirate will increase to 5.8 million people, and accordingly, the demand for housing of various types will increase.

Accordingly, one of the promising areas of business is the opening of a real estate agency in the UAE. However, it should be borne in mind that this type of business has a strict regulation and the need for external approval in the subdivision of the Land Department. What requirements must be taken into account and what procedures to go through, you can learn at a free consultation with our specialist.

The main steps in registering an agency:

1. Choose a trade name, according to the legal requirements.

2. Obtain initial approval to open a company from the regulatory authority.

3. Select an office and arrange for a registered office.

4. Select the appropriate license.

5. Obtain a certificate of approval from a division of the Land Department.

6. Register the company with the UAE anti-money laundering system.

7. Pass the exams and obtain a broker card for real estate agents.

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