How to open a company on Mainland in Dubai

How to open a company in Mainland - Makebiz

MainLand Dubai (beyond the territorial boundaries of free economic zones). Establishing a company here gives you the opportunity to work with local companies and also allows you to work outside the UAE. Mainland company is a «solid» and, at the same time, flexible for the development and conduct of your business.

Features of company registration in MainLand:

  • flexibility of renting office space anywhere;
  • no restrictions on obtaining labor visas;
  • companies can be registered in various organizational and legal forms;
  • 100% ownership for a foreign investor;
  • opening a company requires a license in any of the categories: commercial, industrial and professional, which gives more than 2500 types of activities;
  • simplified mechanism for opening a bank account.

Thus, by opening a company in MainLand can conduct international activities and operations throughout the country, which is a favorable format for those who want to create a long-term, successful business not only in the Middle East but also to enter the international market.

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