How to buy a ready-made business in Dubai, UAE

How to buy a ready-made business in Dubai - Makebiz

When wanting to start a business in Dubai, it is worth looking into the possibility of buying a turnkey company. In some cases, this simplifies the task and reduces time costs.

A functioning company has a number of advantages. For example, a well-established reputation. As practice shows, it is difficult to earn and easy to lose. Therefore, it is especially attractive to have an impeccable reputation and a large client base. Among other things, such a company in its time has already passed all the necessary stages, withstood the competition and requires less financial costs for further business.

However, you need to be prepared for the high cost of established business and to the lengthy execution of documents, passing all sorts of instances and inspections. To re-register the company, it is worth turning to professionals. Makebiz specialists are always ready to help in case of need for legal support of the transaction or preparation of necessary documents.

When buying a ready-made business it is necessary to go through several main stages:

1. Assessment of the financial condition of the organization, where it is important to check reports, tax statements, valid contracts, cash flow, company liabilities, issued credit lines, etc.

2. Checking labor contracts for correctness of drafting and compliance with legal requirements.

3. Studying the terms of office and premises lease, discussing with the landlord the terms of further cooperation.

4. Checking for the absence of violations in the state authorities.

5. Examination of the business plan and re-registration of the organization.

6. Checking the license for compliance with the main activities of the company.

7. Evaluation of the company’s assets: both tangible and intellectual to correctly understand the value of the business.

8. Make sure that there is no seizure of the company’s assets or accounts and check the reputation in the market.

To guarantee the success of all stages, it is essential to contact professionals. Sign up for a free consultation with our specialist and learn more about how to buy a ready-made business in Dubai.

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