Private Coach License in UAE

Private Coach License in UAE - Makebiz

Having knowledge and experience in sports allows you to think about obtaining a private trainer license in the UAE. Undoubtedly, the topic of keeping the body healthy and fit is more relevant than ever among locals and residents.

A personal trainer is engaged in designing and conducting sports classes for one person or a group of people. On average, the price of a single session ranges from $25 per hour. Of course, it varies with qualifications and experience. Classes can be held both in the gym and outdoors. Among the directions of activity can be as help in gaining muscle mass, and in losing weight. The free schedule allows you to lead an active life with a decent level of income.

A professional license gives the right to conduct training for either men or women, and can also be medically inclined.

Some of the basic steps to running a business include:

  • registering as a freelancer or opening a simplified company to obtain a license to operate;
  • choosing a trade name in accordance with legal requirements;
  • obtaining permission from the Dubai Sports Council to consult on training and events;
  • opening a bank account.

Obtaining a personal trainer license is an easy and fast process in collaboration with the experts at Makebiz. Book a free consultation and learn more about all the requirements for this type of business, upcoming steps and prices.

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