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Education Business in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The education industry in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most in-demand sectors due to the constant growth of the population and families with children moving in for permanent residence. So, this sector of the economy has a steady demand and high potential due to the constant introduction of the latest technologies. However, before opening a business related to education in Dubai, it is important to understand the main stages and peculiarities of registration of educational institutions. 

The population of Dubai for the most part consists of residents of different nationalities, expecting a high level of education for themselves or their children with programs according to the standards of the respective countries. In addition to kindergartens and schools, higher education institutions are also popular. As narrower specializations, one can consider educational services for exam preparation, language improvement, and developmental classes outside of school hours.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the legal framework governing the field of education. It assumes that organizations have the appropriate license, suitable premises and qualified personnel.

The proposed educational program undergoes all sorts of checks for compliance with international standards and the age of students. Among other things, it is necessary to obtain authorizations from various authorities: from the Ministry of Education and others. 

Let’s highlight the main stages of registration:

1. Registration of the company name in accordance with the requirements of the Dubai Department. 

2. Selection of a suitable legal form of company to determine the type of accreditation.

3. Obtaining approval from KHDA (specialized body for quality assurance of education). 

4. Obtaining a license to operate. The type of license will depend on the format of training: classical or vocational education, entrance preparation or language courses, etc.  

5. Rent or purchase of premises for conducting training programs, approved by the relevant state authorities.

When calculating the opening costs, it is important to consider not only the registration fees, but also the cost of renovation of the premises, the cost of training materials and equipment, staff salaries, utilities and marketing. 

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