How to open a cafe or restaurant in Dubai, UAE

How to open a cafe or restaurant in Dubai - Makebiz

One of the most striking features of the UAE is its multinationality. In this regard, here you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants with different concepts and dishes of all kinds of countries. Competition in the niche is high, but there are still promising formats, so the restaurant business should not be overlooked as one of the promising areas for business.

Before entering the market in Dubai, you should study the interests of the target audience in the diverse neighborhoods and take them into account when developing positioning, concept, menu and location selection.

As with most businesses, the retail industry is highly regulated and requires a lot of paperwork and preparation of premises as per Dubai Municipality’s requirements for retail. You can learn more about the requirements and procedures for opening a cafe or restaurant during a free consultation with our lawyer.

Here are the basic steps for opening a company in this industry:

1. Choosing a trade name and a suitable license, in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Selection and preparation of premises in accordance with the prescribed standards.

3. Visa processing for the founder and employees.

4. Registration of the company with the state body regulating economic activity.

5. Obtaining approval from Dubai Municipality and Food Regulatory Authority.

6. Passing the food safety inspection.

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