How to open a beauty salon in Dubai, UAE

How to open a beauty salon in Dubai - Makebiz

Beauty salon in Dubai is a business where it is necessary to take into account the cultural and religious traditions of the population. For example, in a salon for women only women can provide services, in salons for men — men. Women’s beauty salons can provide a variety of hairdressing services, makeup, pedicures, etc. Men’s salons can also do haircuts and coloring, skin cleansing procedures, foot care, etc. More serious cosmetology services will require special approval from the Ministry of Health and the availability of certified specialists.

Experts predict that the beauty segment in the UAE will grow at an average annual rate of 8.78%. It is worth considering this industry as a promising business idea. However, it has a strict regulation and the need to collect a large number of documents and prepare the premises according to the requirements of the Dubai Municipality. What requirements need to be taken into account and what procedures to go through, you can find out at a free consultation with our specialist.

The main steps are:

1. Selecting a trade name, according to certain legal requirements and a suitable license.

2. Selection and preparation of premises in accordance with the specific requirements for this type of business.

3. Registration of the company in the state body regulating economic activity.

4. Issuance of resident visa for founders and employees.

5. Obtaining approval from Dubai Municipality.

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