How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai, UAE

How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai - Makebiz

Due to the fact that there are no taxes familiar to us in the UAE, there are quite large mandatory payments and fees when registering a business. These include the cost of the license, registration of the name, payments when applying for a resident visa and other government fees.

The cost of opening a company in Dubai is always individual and depends on:

  • License type. The cost depends on the type of economic activity.
  • Economic zone. The price spread can reach several thousand dollars.
  • The number of founders and visa quotas.
  • Renting an office, warehouse or retail space to obtain a legal address, which is necessary to open a corporate account.
  • External approvals, in various departments, for certain types of activities.

To calculate the exact cost of opening a company in Dubai, based on your individual needs and type of business, you should contact Makebiz. We will calculate the cost and tell you the final price, without hidden fees, for opening a company completely turnkey.

Makebiz specialists always follow the client’s request and select the best option based on all the features of your business and the subtleties of the legislation of the United Arab Emirates. It is important to us that your business can operate without any restrictions and be in the legal field of the UAE. Therefore, lawyers with 7 years of experience in the law of the Emirates are engaged in the selection of a license and registration of the company.

By contacting us, you can always be sure that you have received a reliable partner who is ready to solve all your legal or accounting tasks in the shortest possible time with high competence. Sign up for a free consultation with our lawyer and learn all the details of opening a company in Dubai.

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