How to open an online store in Dubai, UAE

How to open an online store in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The constant development of information technology and the popularity of online shopping creates an ideal environment to launch your online store. The e-commerce market in Dubai is growing at a rapid pace, opening up more and more prospects for entrepreneurs and investors. 

As with most businesses, the online commerce industry is regulated for certain groups of products and requires a large set of documents to be collected as per the legal requirements. And certain types of business may require additional approvals from various departments responsible for a particular type of product. You can learn more about the requirements and procedures for opening an online store during a free consultation with our lawyer.

Basic steps in opening an online store:

1. Choosing a trade name and a suitable license, in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Selection and preparation of premises for warehousing of goods in compliance with the prescribed standards.

3. Organizing visas for the founder and employees.

4. Registration of the company in the state body regulating economic activity.

5. Account opening, website creation, domain name registration, as well as integration of the payment system to the site.

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