How to open a retail store in Dubai, UAE

How to open a retail store in Dubai - Makebiz

Attractive conditions for opening a business in the UAE create unique opportunities for the development of trade. Among the particularly lucrative and popular areas often highlight the opening of retail stores, and different orientation. It is worth bearing in mind that in large shopping centers there is a certain queue waiting for available retail space, as well as a higher level of rent.

As in most areas of business, in the trade industry there is a strict regulation of activities, the need to collect a large package of documents and preparation of premises in accordance with the requirements of the Dubai Municipality for retail trade. And certain types of business may require additional approvals from the various departments responsible for a particular type of goods for sale. You can learn more about the requirements and procedures during a free consultation with our lawyer.

The basic steps in opening a store:

1. Choosing a trade name and a suitable license, in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Selection and preparation of premises in compliance with the prescribed standards.

3. Issuing visas for the founder and employees.

4. Registration of the company with the state body regulating economic activity.

5. Obtaining approval from Dubai Municipality.

6. When opening a grocery store, it is necessary to undergo food safety inspections, as well as certification of certain types of goods.

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