How to become a commercial broker in Dubai, UAE and who it is

How to become a commercial broker in Dubai and who it is - Makebiz

Due to the constant growth and development of the trade and services market in the UAE — one of the top priorities for those considering starting a business is brokering.

A commercial broker is an intermediary who connects the buyer and seller to ensure that the transaction is finalized. His or her primary responsibility is to solve the client’s problems for a fee. Brokers can be either individuals or legal entities. When a transaction is finalized, they are paid a percentage of the sale or the amount of the transaction.

The industries in which brokers help are quite varied. Almost any buyer and seller can become your client. This type of business allows you to cover a huge market of services and choose for yourself the most popular and suitable niche.

As in most areas of business, in the industry of services and trade there is a strict regulation of activities. The need to prepare a certain package of documents and obtain the appropriate license. Learn more about the requirements and procedures you can learn on a free consultation with our lawyer.

Among the main stages for opening such a business should be emphasized:

1. Choosing a suitable type of activity and obtaining a license from the regulatory body.

2. Choosing a company name in accordance with the legal requirements.

3. obtaining a resident visa.

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