Organization of photographer business in Dubai, UAE

Organization of photographer business in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The beautiful nature, luxurious architecture and many interesting sights in the Emirates create the basis for unforgettable and unusual photo shoots of locals, residents and tourists. Everyone wants to capture the moment and get pictures in beautiful locations. We should not forget about the popularity of photography and videography of various events and holidays. The demand for photographer’s services is only growing every year, due to population growth and huge tourist flow.

To obtain a photographer’s license, it is necessary to select an appropriate Free Zone, where specialization allows for the effective development of various creative and media projects. When opening a full-fledged photo enterprise it is worth considering registration on the mainland of the UAE. 

To conduct outdoor photography and videography from the air or from the ground in public places, it is important to obtain permission from the regulatory government authorities. For the application process, photographers must specify the location of the shoot, the duration of the shoot and a list of photographers who will be involved in the project.

Steps to start a photography business in Dubai:

1. Registration of a trade name approved by the Department.

2. Find a suitable license and apply for it.

3. Selecting an economic zone to conduct business.

4. Renting an office, if necessary.

5. Opening a corporate account.

Makebiz’s team of specialists provides support and assistance at every stage of registration, allowing you to avoid difficulties and reduce time costs. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to start a photographer business in Dubai.

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