How to open a travel agency in Dubai, UAE

How to open a travel agency in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates is one of the priority destinations for tourists from all over the world. This is proved by the recent tourist record: in January 2024, 1.77 million people arrived in Dubai.  Foreigners are attracted by the local culture, hot climate, luxurious architecture and a multitude of attractions to suit every taste. Government initiatives are aimed at further growth of tourists, so opening an agency in this area will have a huge potential.

To obtain a license, it is necessary to define a specific activity or combine several: travel agency, tour operator, tourist guide services, sea excursions, etc. Services may also include selling airline tickets if authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority or issuing tourist visas.

Let’s note the stages to be passed when organizing a business in tourism:

1. Registration of the company name approved by the Municipality.

2. Applying for a license.

3. Depending on the planned activity, permits may be required from the Department of Tourism and the Civil Aviation Authority.

4. Renting an office.

5. Opening a corporate account.

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