Car Wash Business in Dubai, UAE

Car Wash Business in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Opening a car wash company is one of the interesting and lucrative business ideas in the UAE. The service is definitely in demand due to the commitment of residents and tourists to renting and buying cars for convenient and quick movement around the city. Also, the region has strict requirements for the maintenance of cars. One of them is precisely related to their cleanliness. 

To obtain the appropriate license, a permit will be required from the Roads and Transport Authority or the Department of Economic Development, depending on the specific type of activity and the chosen economic zone to operate in. 

Services can be provided either by manual labor or by automated systems. These can include dry cleaning, detailing, polishing, and even general car maintenance. Self-service car washes or what are known as mobile car washes are also popular. Another innovative solution is waterless service, which involves the use of special cleaning agents that do not require copious amounts of water. It is often chosen by customers because of the environmental advantage and convenience. 

Stages of registering a car wash firm:

1. Selection of a business name in accordance with the Department’s requirements. 

2. Selection of a suitable legal form of organization and economic zone. Take into account that there are certain requirements for the location of car wash companies.  

3. Obtaining a license to operate. The type of license will depend on the list of services.   

5. Lease or purchase a space that meets the location and equipment requirements. For example, some of the important requirements are a water recycling system and the ability to properly dispose of waste.

6. Opening a corporate account.

Meikbiz specialists will help you find the right license, obtain the necessary permits and quickly register your company. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to open a car wash in Dubai. 

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