How to open a clothing store in Dubai, UAE

How to open a clothing store in Dubai, UAE – Makebiz

One of the promising areas for business in the UAE is opening a clothing store. The fashion sphere is in demand both among visiting tourists and those living in the Emirates. No one misses the opportunity to update the closet in luxurious and modern stores and shopping centers in Dubai. 

The trade industry is characterized by strict regulation of activities, so to obtain the appropriate license you need to collect and prepare a large package of documents, select premises for the store and warehouse, approved by the Dubai Municipality. You can learn more about the upcoming requirements and procedures during a free consultation with our lawyer.

When opening a clothing store, you need to go through the following steps:

1. Selecting a unique trade name and license, focusing on the legal requirements.

2. Selection of premises for trade and warehousing and their arrangement in accordance with the standards and peculiarities of this industry. 

3. Registration of visas for founders and employees. 3.

4. Registration of the company in the state body regulating economic activity.

5. Obtaining approval from Dubai Municipality.

6. Obtaining the necessary certificates or declarations for the goods to be sold.

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