How to open a laundromat in Dubai, UAE

How to open a laundromat in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The fast pace of life and prioritization allows UAE residents to delegate many routine tasks. This includes washing clothes and various household products. Due to the growing population, the demand for various household services is also increasing. It is worth bearing in mind and the presence of many companies with branded clothing, which also need professional washing and cleaning services for essentials. Therefore, opening laundromats is one of the sought-after business ideas in the service industry. 

This type of company involves obtaining a professional license. It is allowed automatic and manual washing of clothes, bed linen, carpets, mattresses, etc. In the working room, requirements must be met: from maintaining cleanliness to the absence of interior items made of non-absorbent material. It is important to ensure that chemicals are stored and used properly, as well as to follow waste disposal rules and reduce water consumption. These and other requirements are spelled out in the regulations of the Division of Health and Safety. After receiving authorization from it, it will be possible to proceed with the registration of the company. 

To open a laundromat, the following steps are to be followed:

1. Reserve a trade name with the Dubai Municipality.

2. Select a suitable premises and enter into a lease agreement. 

3. Obtain permits from the Municipality and the Occupational Safety and Health Department.

4. Obtain a professional license to operate.

5. Open a corporate account.

Setting up your laundry business in the UAE is a lucrative idea, but for expats unfamiliar with the country’s laws, the process can be complicated. In such a case, it is better to cooperate with reliable accounting and legal experts. Makebiz specialists will give you a free consultation to find out how to open a laundromat in Dubai.

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