How to open a gym in Dubai, UAE

How to open a gym in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Keeping fit and healthy is one of the most important parts of life for citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates. These factors allow you to lead an active life and fulfill your work responsibilities in a quality manner. Therefore, the demand for the services of personal trainers and gyms is only increasing day by day.

A gym must adhere to sanitary standards for cleaning as well as ventilation and constant maintenance of equipment. Cooperation with insurance companies to protect against accidents and injuries is mandatory.

When opening a business in Dubai, you will have to go through several steps:

1. Select a unique trade name that will meet the standards.

2. Choose the legal form of the company and the economic zone in connection with the long-term goals of the business.

3. Apply for a license for the planned activity.

4. lease premises that meet the safety standards and requirements for this type of business and obtain a certificate of no objection from the landlord.

5. Obtain approval from the Dubai Sports Council.

6. Open a corporate account.

A thriving fitness culture and a favorable business environment are conducive to creating a successful workout business.

Each step may involve some complexities or peculiarities of UAE legislation, so we recommend contacting Makebiz experts for professional support. Sign up for a free consultation and learn more about how to open a gym in Dubai.

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