How to open a barbershop in Dubai, UAE

How to open a barbershop in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

With a stable economy and strong population growth in Dubai, the service market is also growing, especially in niches related to basic needs. Market analysis shows the high demand and profitability of barbershops: any man needs to carry out regular hair and beard care to maintain a respectable appearance and health. 

Opening a beauty salon or barbershop is associated with the need to comply with many requirements for the premises and zoning. Only after these requirements are met is it possible to obtain permits from the Department of Economic Development and the Municipality. 

It is important to think about the values of the company, to define the standards of service and to select employees who are ready to develop and constantly learn new things. There is an urgent need to open such barbershops among residents who came from Russia, as they are used to the availability of salons with a high level of quality of work and service. Just in the UAE competition in the niche under study is low, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to think through their unique offer and build a business with a quick payback.

When opening a barbershop there are the following stages to go through:

1. Registration of the trade name after approval by the Department of Economy. 

2. Obtaining a license to carry out activities on a specific list of services.

3. Lease of the premises and its equipment in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in this area. The municipality approves the location, premises, furnishings, signage and lighting of the barber shop. There are provisions for both the distance between haircutting stations and the minimum ceiling height.

4. Obtaining permits from the Department of Economic Development and the Board of Health.

5. Registering the company with the Department of Labor and onboarding employees.

6. Opening a corporate account.

The United Arab Emirates offers significant opportunities for doing business and entering the international market. In order to take advantage of them, it is important to be legally savvy and knowledgeable about local legislation. Makebiz specialists will provide professional assistance in business registration and will accompany you at every stage. Sign up for a free consultation and find out how to open a barbershop in Dubai. 

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