How to open a bakery in Dubai, UAE

How to open a bakery in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its multicultural population that prefers different cuisines of the world. However, every culture has a place for baked goods. Cakes, pies, desserts, croissants, freshly baked bread and other flour products are an addition to daily meals. Therefore, the demand for this type of product never wanes. Opening a bakery can be a profitable investment. 

Small or medium-sized production can create a wide range of baked goods and desserts for every taste, according to the needs of regular customers. At the same time, it can be not only private orders, but also large companies.

Of course, the food production industry is subject to strict regulation by government agencies. It is important to comply with sanitary norms in the equipment of premises and the work of personnel, as well as standards for the storage of products. 

The process of opening a bakery can consist of the following stages:

1. Registration of a unique trade name, which is verified by the Dubai Department.

2. Selecting the legal form of the company and the jurisdiction to operate.

3. Obtaining a suitable license.

4. Renting a premises suitable for the requirements of the Department of Food and Safety.

5. Obtaining a bakery operating permit from the Department of Food Control.

6. Opening a corporate account.

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