Obtaining a medical license in Dubai, UAE

Obtaining a medical license in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

The practice of medicine in the United Arab Emirates is strictly regulated by law. Licenses can be issued after thorough inspections from the authorities. For example, when registering a business in Dubai, you will have to get approval from the health authority for that Emirate. In other Emirates, approval can be obtained from the Ministry of Health.

The license applies to the work of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other employees engaged in medical activities. The list of required documents will depend on the specialization and place of work. After passing the document check, you will be notified of an invitation to take an exam to confirm your practical knowledge and pass the Prometric test. This is necessary to obtain a Good Standing Certificate.

Medical degrees can be obtained by general practitioners with 2 years of experience or more and specialists with a Master’s degree or PhD with more than 3 years of experience. The consultant degree is considered the highest and is available to citizens of several countries.

So, in order to start a medical practice it is necessary to provide:

  • diplomas with attachments;
  • personal documents;
  • a certificate of proof of work experience;
  • Certificate of Registration of the home country;
  • Good Standing Certificate of passing the exam.

Please note that the documents must be translated into Arabic and legalized in the UAE. Makebiz specialists can help you with this. Make an appointment for a consultation and find out how to start a medical practice in Dubai.

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