Moving to Dubai from Russia

Moving to Dubai from Russia – Makebiz

Every year the UAE is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live and work among foreign nationals. A loyal tax policy, developed infrastructure, a safe environment and a high level of quality of life are clear advantages of Dubai. But when moving here from Russia, there are a number of peculiarities that are important to take into account.

The national language is Arabic, but almost everywhere in Dubai you can meet English- and Russian-speaking people. The main currency is dirham. Here it will be necessary to issue a local bank card. Cards that work in Russia are not serviced in the UAE. 

It is important to keep in mind that this is a Muslim state with a strict set of laws and moral and ethical norms, where it is necessary to show respect for local traditions and compliance with the dress code. There are strict rules about the use of profanity or negative political statements. Drinking alcohol and smoking in public places is prohibited. Violation of the rules entails huge fines, imprisonment or deportation from the country. 

There are several grounds for legalization in the UAE:

  • buying real estate, which entitles you to several types of visas, depending on the amount invested;
  • opening a company on the mainland or in a free economic zone;
  • official employment in the UAE, then the employer is obliged to issue a visa and medical insurance.

An important part of planning a move is budgeting and calculating expenses. Most of it is spent on rent. For example, the average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the central districts is 7 thousand dirhams per month, in more remote areas — 4.5 thousand dirhams. This can also include the cost of a deposit, broker, utilities, and rental tax. The average cost of traveling by public transport is 3.5-7.5 dirhams. Let’s not forget about spending on food, cell phone and telecommunication services. Thus, the average monthly expenses for a family of 4 people without taking into account the rent of real estate — from 12 thousand dirhams.

For families with children, you can always choose a residential area with a kindergarten or school, parks and leisure facilities.

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