Dubai is a family-oriented emirate in the UAE

Dubai is a family oriented emirate in the UAE - Makebiz

Studies show that the UAE has been consistently ranked among the leaders in quality of life and safety for more than 5 years, and about 90% of Dubai’s population are expats and foreign nationals. Comfortable and promising environment for business and work contribute to the active relocation of entire families to Dubai. 

Let’s understand the advantages of this region:

  • Extremely attractive developed infrastructure. There are international schools and prestigious universities, medical facilities with world-class doctors, as well as all kinds of leisure centers for children and their parents.
  • Civil construction of full-fledged communities with everything necessary for life is gaining popularity: kindergartens and schools, parks and squares, cafes and stores.
  • Extensive legal framework that protects the interests of families and children, as well as flexible visa policy that provides for the possibility of sponsorship of close relatives. 
  • High quality of education and the possibility to choose study programs based on different countries. According to statistics, more than 80% of students in local schools successfully enter universities around the world. 
  • Dubai is recognized as one of the safest cities for a comfortable vacation and life. The UAE is characterized by a low crime rate, thanks to strict laws and enforcement. It also pays special attention to the health of its residents and medical insurance for citizens and expats. For example, it was the UAE that became the first region to complete the vaccination of the population during the pandemic.

Thus, the constant development of all sorts of areas in the region — from favorable business conditions to control over the quality of life of the population — attracts more and more families to move to the UAE.

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