Where to go in Dubai: list of interesting places and attractions

Where to go in Dubai UAE list of places of interest Makebiz

Undoubtedly, Dubai impresses with a huge variety of attractions: from interesting architectural structures to mesmerizing deserts. We have selected popular objects for walks and entertainment.

The Burj Khalifa Tower immediately arises in the minds of most people at the mention of Dubai. And the height of the tower reaches 828 meters and has 163 floors. The building is the tallest in the world. It is believed that every tourist is simply obliged to rise on a high-speed elevator to the top of this famous skyscraper. There are shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, observation decks and office space.

And next to it is a singing fountain. It is a fantastic composition of water, sound and light on an artificial lake. Moreover, powerful pumps and nozzles can raise water jets to a height of more than 150 meters. This is approximately equal to a 50-storey building. By the way, exciting performances under classical or modern music are held every day from 6 pm to 11 pm at night.

Dubai Marina is a fashionable neighborhood with a marina and modern skyscrapers. It is located on the shore of an artificial gulf on one side and the waters of the Persian Gulf on the other. In the vicinity there are beaches, ziplines, parachute center and many restaurants.

Another «calling card» is the high-rise hotel building in the shape of a sail with the same name, which can be seen from almost every neighborhood. It is located right in the sea on an artificial island. Among the features of the Burj Al Arab Hotel are panoramic windows overlooking the bay, a helipad, a private beach and unrivaled luxury for all guests.

Next door is the Madinat Jumeirah or Dubai Venice, an old Arabian city style complex with parks and gardens. On its canals you can take a ride on a wooden single-engine ambre boat. In the very center is a large market with the inexpressible atmosphere of an oriental bazaar. You can dine in more than 50 restaurants on the territory.

One of the largest shopping malls in the world is Dubai Mall. Here you will find a huge selection of luxury brands, luxury cafes and restaurants with different cuisines, as well as a movie theater and skating rink. The shopping center itself is made in the best traditions of Dubai with its inherent scale and luxury. By the way, on the roof of the shopping center there is a multi-sports complex with a magnificent view of the city. The large-scale aquarium and underwater zoo with more than 33000 animals and a tunnel with a 270-degree view should be separately mentioned. Here you can enjoy meeting sharks in an underwater cage, feed stingrays and even take a full aquarium dive.

Ski Dubai Ski Complex is a great place for winter sports lovers. The slopes with elevators are equipped with ledges for rock climbing, tracks for sports, skiers and snowboarders of any skill level.

Dubai Museum is the oldest preserved building in the city. In its huge halls, desert and seascapes, date plantations, markets and Arabian houses are recreated with amazing accuracy. By the way, the fort was in a half-destroyed state for a long time. Now it is fully restored and open to guests.

Dubai Opera House is the cultural center of the country. Theater and ballet companies, symphony orchestras and opera artists from all over the world hold their performances here. Certainly, the fanciful shape in the form of an Arabian ship attracts special attention.

The Park of Flowers is located on the territory of more than 7 hectares, where about 110 million living plants are collected. Here, not only flowerbeds and sculptures are pleasing to the eye, but also buildings, the walls of which are also decorated with flowers. In 2016, a life-size flower arrangement in the form of an Airbus A380 airplane was created. In addition, it even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The fragrance of the garden and all the accompanying blooming beauty will captivate anyone!

Artificial Palm Island is an archipelago of bulk islands with numerous villas for purchase or rent. In addition to everything, the island includes many recreational outlets, access to the sea and beach areas.

Dubai Frame or Dubai Frame is a modern bridge made of transparent glass that «frames» the spectacular views of Old and New Dubai. At the same time, it serves as a metaphorical bridge connecting the emirate’s rich past with its magnificent present. With breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the hotel here celebrates Dubai’s history from its early founding to its ambitious plans for future development.

The Emirates Towers are twin skyscrapers of original shape, connected to each other by a shopping arcade. By the way, the complex is also famous for the public garden decorated with fountains and metal sculptures.

Global Village is an open-air fair, open seasonally from October to April. There is no doubt that you can indulge in cultural entertainment, diverse food and authentic shopping. Each pavilion, from Egypt to Italy and from Vietnam to Oman, transports visitors to the country through smell, taste, sounds and colorful decorations. In addition, nightly concerts and shows featuring artists can create a mix of wonder, music and comedy.

The Gold Market in Dubai features more than 10 tons of high quality gold, both from local producers and famous brands. Undoubtedly, everyone should see such a thing, the scale is impressive!

The five-star Atlantis Hotel is located on the famous Palm Island. It has everything for a quality vacation: rooms of different classes, including underwater apartments, fashionable restaurants, beach and swimming pools. Undoubtedly, the museum of the underwater world, where you can see more than 65000 sea creatures, impresses. Atlantis Aquaventure features 105 slides and rides and dolphin interaction programs.

MotionGate is a unique park with themed rides and playgrounds that gives you a taste of Hollywood. Here you can get acquainted with four world-famous movie studios. In the park you can «tame» a dragon, meet a village of powerful Vikings or Smurfs, make friends with famous cartoon characters, as well as experience the «falling from the sky» of freckles and find out what monsters do on vacation.

The Bastakia neighborhood is an old quarter of the city, divided by narrow streets and located on the shores of Creek Bay. The traditional Arabian cottages and wind towers are undeniably delightful to see and immerse you in the history and culture of the region.

Dubai Safari Park is home to some 3,000 animals from all over the world, residing in a 119-hectare area. Incidentally, the park consists of five key attractions. Includes the African and Asian Villages, the Arabian Desert Safari, the Explorers’ Village and the Adventure Valley. Exciting programs include: self-feeding of animals and birds, a safari trip close to tigers and lions and much more!

The Aura Hotel boasts the world’s tallest landscape pool with 360-degree views. It is surrounded by lush greenery, natural design elements and exquisite finishes. You can also enjoy romantic sunrises by the pool, delicious meals in the outdoor lounge area, yoga classes and relaxing massages.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is an entertainment center that immerses you in different worlds full of adventures. And two of the most popular ones belong to Cartoon Network and Marvel. Here you can ride roller coasters and other rides associated with iconic superheroes, buy themed branded souvenirs and visit exclusive restaurants.

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most favorite architectural treasures and landmarks of Dubai by tourists. It has a seating capacity of about 1500 people. It is one of those places that every tourist should visit. The mosque gained special popularity due to the fact that it was depicted on the UAE banknote of 500 dirhams.

You will be particularly surprised by the Museum of the Future, a place where you can see, touch and shape our common future. The museum combines elements of an exhibition, immersive theater and themed attraction. The museum’s permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the world transformations that will take place over the next 50 years. By the way, even the futuristic shape of the building has its own meaning: the circle symbolizes humanity; the green hill on top of which it stands represents the earth; the void represents the unknown future.

Dubai Garden Glow is a theme park with luminous installations divided into zones. «Happy Forest» is an abundance of plants, animals and birds made from recycled materials. «Animal Kingdom» gives an opportunity to get a closer look at the inhabitants of the savannah. «Sea World» is home to colorful fish, jellyfish and even a huge blue whale. «Panda Paradise» — a large green glade where funny pandas munching on bamboo branches are carefree. And here you can also dive into Jurassic World, watching a fascinating show for adults and children with full-size dinosaurs.

The Lake of Love is an oasis in the middle of the Al Qudra desert. By the way, it is especially interesting to observe it from a bird’s eye view. The artificial reservoir consists of two giant intertwined hearts. «Love» is formed by trees planted in strict order, of which there are about 16 thousand. The lake has become a place of pilgrimage for all newlyweds wishing to make a photo against the background of a beautiful landscape.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden consists of ten custom-built domes covering an area of about 6673 square meters. Each one is filled with thousands of beautiful winged creatures — about 15,000 butterflies of different species, sizes and colors. Just imagine: thousands of butterflies flying around you as you walk! Also in the garden you can see all stages of development of these insects.

The history of Dubai Creek has many thousands of years. On its shores appeared the huts of the first fishermen and pearl fishermen. And with each passing year, the appearance of the bay has changed. Undoubtedly, nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction, along which there are boat stations. The bay can be crossed on traditional abra boats between Bur Dubai and Deira. There is now a pink flamingo sanctuary at the end of the channel, attracting just as much attention.

Bollywood Parks Dubai is a theme park dedicated to the world of Bollywood. Here you can ride on various rides, as well as attend concerts based on Indian films. Images of famous architectural masterpieces of Mumbai are used in the design. Moreover, the territory is divided into zones: a traditional village with Indian dances in the middle of the square, a movie set with backstage, a walking boulevard imbued with national culture, a royal square with a fountain.

Nearby is the Legoland park, stylized as a town made of constructors. Here you can take a tour of the factory where the popular lego pieces are made. Then visit the largest LEGO toy store in the Middle East and a miniature park with a mini-model of the city. And then ride on a wide variety of rides. The entertainment here will please both adults and children!

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