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Expo in Dubai - Makebiz

Expo is a global exhibition that inspires people by showcasing the best examples of collaboration and innovation from around the world. Back in 2013, Dubai was chosen as the center of this exhibition.

The exhibition complex is located on the outskirts of Dubai and occupies 438 hectares. Its architectural structures are made taking into account modern technologies and amaze with their scale and beauty.

The exhibition area is divided into five parts, which are located on the map by colors. In the center is Al Wasl Plaza, and in the branches are pavilions of different countries. At the exhibition, internal expositions are dedicated to the history and achievements of the countries in recent years. The main themes of the events are the protection of our planet and the introduction of new technologies.

The guests of the exhibition will be able to visit both the world’s best restaurants and streetfoods located on the territory.

There are 191 pavilions on the territory.

Let’s note some of them:

  • Russian, on the third floor of which there is RosAtom in the form of a brain, which is a symbol of the development of the Earth and space;
  • The British one, erected with cross-glued wood structures, and inside, poems from a neural network or AI are presented for visitors;
  • Swiss, where a reflection of the country’s nature is depicted using fog that envelops the pavilion as it climbs a mountain;
  • Brazilian, striking with digital technological solutions, for example, waterproof fabric was used to create a rainforest area;
  • Australian, designed in a labyrinth-like layout, signifying the country’s endless innovation and creativity;
  • Singapore’s Tropical Pavilion, which combined architecture and natural landscape to reflect global warming;
  • Morocco’s pavilion, made of tamped earth;
  • Czech — demonstrating the latest technology — extracting water vapor from the air;
  • The Azerbaijan pavilion stands out with its air cushion roof, which cools the air.

It is worth keeping in mind that if you fly to Dubai on Emirates Airlines, you are entitled to a one-time visit to the exhibition for free!

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