Features of moving to Dubai, UAE

Features of moving to UAE Makebiz

Every year more and more people consider Dubai not only as a tourist destination, but also as a promising place for permanent residence. Let’s analyze what you need to keep in mind when moving to this region.

First, you will definitely notice the difference in outlook, social norms, the idea of freedom and lifestyle in general.

Among the important points are worth highlighting:

  • the ban on flaunting romantic relationships in public places;
  • most entertainment venues are closed during Ramadan;
  • climatic factor: in summer the temperature rises to +45 and sometimes even higher;
  • the working week starts on Sunday;
  • alcohol consumption requires a license.

And there are many other interesting things! However, all this is compensated by a high level of comfort and safety in the country.

Secondly, favorable conditions are waiting for you to open your business: a stable developing economy, stable exchange rate, no taxes and many benefits. However, it is worth remembering the strict regulation in many areas and the large number of necessary documents and permits. For these purposes, it is worth contacting our experts for free consultation on opening a business in the UAE.

Thirdly, for a long stay in the country it is necessary to obtain a resident visa of a type suitable for you (working, investor or freelancer visa, etc.) + medical insurance.

Fourthly, you should not forget about transportation of necessary things. A variety of transportation companies will help. An article about this was published earlier on our website.

Fifth, it is important to provide yourself with a large financial cushion, because it is no secret that life in Dubai is quite expensive. For example, average calculations show that a family of 3 people will need to spend about 20,000 dirhams (5500 dollars). Of this, about 50% will be the cost of housing, utilities and cell phone service. But, again, prices can vary greatly from the level of comfort you are used to.

Deciding to move to Dubai is a serious step that will open up your career prospects, development and exposure to a new and interesting culture. To avoid making mistakes and find the right path to legalization in the UAE, it is worth contacting the experts at Makebiz.

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