How to obtain citizenship in the UAE

How to obtain citizenship in the UAE - Makebiz

Obtaining citizenship is one of the most popular requests from those considering the Emirates for a permanent residence move. With this in mind, the government has published amendments to the law to enable certain residents to obtain citizenship. Among the possible conditions are investment of large sums and special achievements in the field of science or creativity. In some cases, even dual citizenship of these persons is allowed. 

There are no specific criteria for investors in the legislation yet, but among other categories citizenship can be granted to:

  • residents specializing in a scientific discipline with valid methods and experience in the relevant field for at least 10 years, with proven merit for research and belonging to a scientific organization with a certain status;
  • scientists with a good reputation, rapid career progression and at least 10 years of experience, with at least one prestigious award in the field of science or who have received a research grant;
  • inventors with an approved patent;
  • creative artists, innovators in their field with at least one internationally recognized work;
  • a resident who has lived in the UAE for more than 30 years, has a stable income and speaks Arabic, subject to renouncing the nationality of another country;
  • women, after seven years of marriage to a UAE citizen with a common child, and after ten years without a child.

It is worth understanding that the procedure for obtaining citizenship is not simple and consists of nomination by the courts, council or cabinet. Even complying with all the necessary conditions, it is possible to be rejected. 

To begin with, an application must be submitted to the Federal Office of Identity and Citizenship with a standard package of documents, where specially created committees review and analyze the candidates and their merits. Once approved, there is another stage for final approval by representatives of each Emirate.

Having an Emirates passport allows one to freely enter most countries, provides the possibility of free education and medical services, retirement, receiving subsidies from the state, etc. These legislative measures are aimed at attracting Emirati citizens to the country.

These legislative measures are aimed at attracting highly qualified specialists and artists to the UAE.

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