How to promote business in Dubai, UAE

How to promote business in Dubai - Makebiz

Before you start attracting customers for business, you should prepare answers to the following questions:

  • What is the final product of the company. It can be a product, a service, a service, or all together.
  • What is the target audience of the company’s product. It is necessary to make a portrait of your client (gender, age, interests and possible hobbies). Understanding who your customer is will significantly reduce the rejection of the purchase and increase the conversion from LEAD to sale.

Example of a failed ad:

Girl (25-30 years old) she is looking for a recipe for making a cake, and she gets an advertisement for buying a car.

Of course, this client may need a car, but the conversion from advertising will be much higher if you show it to a person who is looking for a car and he has already formed a need to buy a car.

An example of successful advertising to the target audience:

Girl (25 – 30 years old) she is looking for where to download an English textbook, and she gets an advertisement for English language courses with a free trial lesson.

In this example, you are showing ads to a potential client based on the interests in his request. Most likely, the textbook is needed to learn the language, which indicates the formed need to learn English. Do not forget about the goals of learning a foreign language. Perhaps the client is preparing to move to another country, then advertising related to obtaining a visa, finding a job in a foreign company and the like is relevant to him.

  • What task or client’s problem is solved by your company’s product. This will help you accurately form an offer and set up targeted advertising.
  • What is your unique trade offer (USP)? It is important to clearly formulate what is the difference from competitors, why the client should buy from you and why you are better or more profitable than similar offers on the market. Free shipping, or a discount is not a USP. But if you offer delivery to hard–to-reach settlements or a price reduction when ordering a service or buying goods for a certain amount — this is already a USP. To create a unique sales offer, you need to know your competitors and understand the needs of your target audience.
  • Is your company ready to accept the flow of customers? It happens that in case of a sharp increase in the flow of customers, the company is not able to meet demand, there may not be enough goods or the necessary number of specialists, as a result, the client is disappointed, and the company has a loss of advertising budget and reputation. You must have thought out all the necessary tools to quickly scale the company’s resources and promptly meet the client’s request. A system of training and adaptation of new personnel should be thought out, and your sales department should know the company’s product perfectly and be able to correctly tell about it and all the advantages of working with your company.

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