How to stand out from the competition?

How to stand out from the competition - Makebiz

There is one thing that companies and their managers too often forget about, sometimes condemning business to failure: differences from competitors.
You promote services or goods — it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that between two identical products, the client will look for a profitable difference for himself. And it’s not always low price or high quality.
I tell you about effective ways of detuning from competitors in today’s article.

Method 1: Work with the client’s experience.
Find what the client is used to and change it. A simple example: customers are used to coming to a cafe, ordering something specific, paying for it, eating and leaving. How to «hack» the system? Implement «all inclusive» with a fee for admission. Come in and eat as much as you want and whatever you want.

Method 2: Come up with a new product.
From the TV screens it just pours: round nuggets, square pancakes, hazelnuts instead of peanuts and many other unusual goods.

All this «breaks» the standard ideas about the product (or service) and draws the attention of a potential client.

Method 3: Play on geo.
As an example: the severity of Chelyabinsk residents is already a byword, why not remember the associations that arise about the place of origin of your product (or you personally)?

Method 4: Amazing service.
Not just a taxi, but a taxi with a female driver, for example =) Not just a furniture store, but a store where you can lie on the bed. Not just a beauty salon, but a place where you can leave your baby in a children’s corner with a babysitter while mom gets her hair and manicure done.

The more convenient the service, the more customers, because so often we are willing to pay not for quality, but for a kind attitude.

Method 5: Personalization.
Have you seen cans of cola with names or messages «To your beloved man», «The most beautiful» and so on? It seems strange, but people like to think that when creating a particular product, you were thinking about them =)

Use it! Use personalization not only in products, but also in advertising — in messages, address the customer by name, this increases conversion.

Method 6: advertising.
Invest money in advertising! Your product may be worse and more expensive than competitors, but while they are trying to wind up bots and spam messages, you set up high-quality advertising, and it is about you that customers learn and buy your product.

It is useless to be perfect if no one knows about it — remember this.

Method 7: Work out the design.
This is also a great way to stand out. If we are talking about goods, make a bright, juicy package. If you are promoting a service, create a high—quality community design (starting with the cover and ending with advertising banners).

Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t be «like everyone else» — then you will be noticed.

Method 8: evoke emotions.
This applies to both content and associations with your brand in general. Many people associate the New Year not with tangerines, but with Coca-Cola)) and this is an ideal example in this case.

What people read/see/hear about your company should touch some special strings inside the soul, that’s when they will want to become your customers.

Method 9: Help solve problems.
A phone that does not sink in water, even if it lies there for half an hour, solves the problem of drowned gadgets. A home simulator solves the problem of lack of time for fitness trips. Delivery of food preparation kits — solves both the problem of time and eliminates thinking about «What to cook today».

Method 10: Level up.
Everyone has ordinary tea, and you have luxury tea, collected on special plantations, and so on) Competitors just have a target, and you have a turnkey promotion — with the design of the community and the management of the group (in terms of content) for the entire period of the promoted promotion.

Raise the bar and in the eyes of the client you will be an Expert with a capital letter, which means you will stand out among the competitors.