How to open an IT company in the Dubai, UAE

How to open an IT company in the UAE - Makebiz

The rapid development of information and technology in the modern world, and in particular, favorable conditions for doing business in the UAE, make it extremely attractive to open an IT-company here.

Many freezones have a bias towards technology, so it will be easier for an entrepreneur to choose the most suitable FEZ for doing business. For example, in IFZA IT startups can get special conditions for work.

If you want to expand your presence in the country, you can consider opening a firm on the mainland. However, it is worth remembering that special rules and taxes will apply here.

Let’s note the basic steps for opening an IT company:

1. Choosing a trade name, according to certain requirements of the Ministry of Economy.

2. Selecting the appropriate license for the activity.

3. Selection of the economic zone according to the business objectives: mainland or frezone.

4. Selection of a suitable premises or virtual office for the operation.

5. Obtaining a visa for the founder and employees.

6. Opening a corporate bank account for the company.

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