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Entering the international market - Makebiz

One of the criteria for successful business and brand recognition is its entry into the international market. And this contributes not only to a multiple increase in profits, but also to an increase in trust and loyalty to the brand. In the current geopolitical and economic situation, this process can be difficult due to the closure of many transportation and trade hubs. 

Accordingly, an important stage is a preliminary analysis of the market and the peculiarities of mentality in a new region for you. Here it is important to take into account the interests of the target audience for your product, the level of competition, infrastructure, culture and traditions of the population. Next, it is important to study the state legislation in the customs, tax, labor and administrative spheres. This allows you to calculate the tax burden in advance and familiarize yourself with the requirements for opening a company.

It is better to find out all the details in advance in consultation with a specialist. 

The next stage is the calculation of the economy, where it is important to take into account:

  • Requirements for documents and reporting. For most goods it is necessary to issue certificates and declarations. 
  • Adaptation of the product, its advertising and social networks of the company to the local language and mentality.
  • Taxation peculiarities. Here it is worth bearing in mind that you can get into a situation with double taxation, so it is important to choose a country to enter the international market, where there are benefits or zones with a reduced tax rate. 
  • Logistics and storage costs. It is worth comparing the prices of transportation and insurance companies, as well as calculating the costs of renting offices, warehouses or retail premises.

Having studied the market and the peculiarities of the economy, we can conclude that entering the UAE market is considered the most promising due to a number of advantages that allow you to reduce costs and accelerate the appearance of your product or service on the world market. 

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