Certification of goods in the Dubai, UAE

Certification of goods in the UAE - Makebiz

The favorable geographical location, dense transportation network and high level of trade and economic development in the UAE are important factors that allow entrepreneurs to actively participate in international import and export of goods. Of course, all goods must be certified.

The first step is to choose the appropriate type of certificate, depending on the category of goods. Among the documents it is also worth preparing a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an invoice with the quantity of goods, a packing list with data on the content of each box in the shipment, a bill of lading on shipment. For the category of food products, sanitary and hygienic certificates on product safety should be prepared separately.

The second stage is the selection of the certifying body. Here it is important to pay attention to the valid license and reputation of the company. Among the most popular organizations with the appropriate authority it is worth noting:

  • ESMA — a national body in the Emirates, also engaged in the development of quality standards.
  • The Accreditation Department specializes in assessing the conformity of organizations in calibration, testing, inspection and certification of management systems, products and personnel to international standards.
  • The Food Control Department issues food quality and safety certificates.
  • The Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and Compliance certifies the medical, construction and energy categories for the most part.

The last step is to submit the application, documents and prepare for the upcoming inspections. After all the procedures for checking documents and goods, the applicant is issued a certificate of accreditation body, which will be useful for customs clearance.

It is worth bearing in mind that a business related to export and import in the UAE will require a special license for activities issued by the customs authorities. You can learn more about this during a free consultation with a company specialist.

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