Customs clearance of goods in Dubai, UAE

Customs clearance of goods in Dubai, UAE - Makebiz

Active development of the trade sector of the economy, constant import and export of goods require a clear structure of the process of goods clearance at the UAE border. Dubai Customs determines the rules of certification, inspection, payment of taxes and fees for export and import cargo. 

Firstly, it is worth paying attention to the availability of all necessary documents and the correctness of their completion. The number and varieties of documentation depend on the category of goods. Most often the invoice, packing lists, permits, licenses and certificates for goods are checked. 

In some cases, inspection and examination of imported goods may be required. The checks include inspection, scanning with special equipment and even laboratory tests. 

Next, duties and taxes are paid at special customs centers, or online through a transfer via bank transfer. Timely payment avoids additional costs for storage or delay of products. At the end of the customs clearance procedure, the relevant authorities issue a permit for the release of goods.

It is worth highlighting the categories of goods that require special attention:

  • goods for the transportation of which it is necessary to obtain permits from state authorities;
  • prohibited products — counterfeit goods, pirated and obscene materials, certain types of plants and animals, etc.;
  • especially valuable goods — luxury goods, precious materials, works of art, etc.; and
  • controlled substances related to pharmaceuticals and medicine;
  • branded goods protected by property rights;
  • agricultural and food products;
  • electronic goods and telecommunication equipment;
  • transportation and spare parts.

To optimize customs clearance, it is worthwhile to engage a licensed specialist who understands the upcoming procedures and requirements for goods, regularly check for updates in the legislation in this area, properly package and label goods, as well as use the online pre-clearance program — AEO.

Careful approach to cargo preparation and clearance process can avoid fines and delays at the border, as well as reduce smuggling and illegal activities. 

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